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love and some verses. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[April 18 2012 12am]
I am just so sick of crying and hating being at home. It feels like the person my Dad used to be has died or something. I'm trying my hardest to stay out of their way, to get my shit sorted and move out, but it's so fucking hard when college takes up so much of my fucking time. Fuck.

2010 is kinda made of awesome. so far. [January 01 2011 9pm]
lily allen
big day out (highlights: kasabian, lily allen, dizzee rascal)
lady gaga
groovin the moo
splendour in the grass
falls festival

british india
cloud control
richard in your mind
jinja safari
sydney sounds like!
two door cinema club
sound school charity gig
oh mercy
deep sea arcade

[September 28 2009 4pm]
excuse me while i have a fangirl freak out for a few minutes...

[June 23 2009 8pm]

Why aren't I one of these interesting people
Who's always got something to say?
To not be contrived and to feel so alive
And to never have wasted a day
To go for long walks and have well-informed talks
In an unconfrontational way
Why aren't I one of these interesting people
And why won't you stay?

I look at myself and it's so plain to see
All I need is to change
Not too much, I still want to be me.
- "Why" by Lily Allen

[January 26 2008 9am]

[November 08 2007 5pm]
[ mood | content ]

1. name 4 people that make you happy and why.
2. name something you are ashamed of.
3. name one song that makes you feel (almost) perfect.
4. name one moment that makes you feel (almost) perfect.
5. name something you've wanted to let out.
6. name something everyone should know about you.
7. name something no one knows about you because you're afraid they'll think badly of you.
8. name something beautiful.
9. name something you love to do and how often you're able to do it.

[September 01 2007 11am]
[ mood | happy ]

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